Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

So the little guy (Geo) goes to school - senior kindergarten...
The chop up a stack of magazines and cut little cute school buses out of yellow construction paper.
Then they riffle through the cut up mags and paste what ever turns their crank onto the school bus - and write their names on the bus.
The bunch of these are all posted neatly on a wall in the class room.
We have the big 'meet the teacher' night and all the parents are there with their juniors looking at all the cool stuff their kids get to play with and try to squeeze a few words in edgewise with the teach.
The school buses all look super cute... little kittens, maytag repair man driven half the buses.
Then I see Georges (he's 4 when he makes this).
I tried to scan it in but it came out way shitty. On his cute little school bus is a full body shot of a blonde from a sears clothing add. Three other cut-out-babe heads. I think buffy (the slayer is one of 'em) and the topper... the spandex clad breasts of some date from a fitness advert.
That's it.
And of course his name with the now trademark backwards G.
I couldn't decide between pride and embarrassment.
-- geez --
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