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oh gawd… standing there beside the bed… shaking my head, looking at the clock trying to understand what it was saying… 7:55… um, must catch bus at 8:16…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Um, made the bus… linen dents in my face…

~ dk blue cotton cargos
~ the big comfy turtle neck...
~ dem big ass shoes... which, btw, are developing a nasty ouchi spot ... may need new big ass shoes soon.
~ it's all about putting sunspot 208 servers together today...
~ on waking up somehow...
~ really hard... wishing really really hard that the stream to 3WV is working today (need my kym fix!!) (update: just tried and it doesn't look good!)

Well, last night was great… I spent the whole evening (um… and then late into the night…) playing on the computer with no hassle. Managed to get a lot stuff done but still haven't managed to get my Christmas cards made… it'll happen though. :D

Star Trek fans… what was the name of the race that showed up on DS9… the guys with the big stupid ears… short guys… I'm looking at a picture of Lex from Survivor Africa Style and thinking he looks just like one of those guys.

Ok… gotta git. Later skaters…
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