Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Five things to go to bed with...

~ a wee bit ago, we became the proud owners of a new-in-box pokemon edition gameboy... thanks to Z and a bid thing on E-bay... we got a good deal... Geo will freak.

~ lizvang should get a gig in a coffee house ....

~ I saw some more lakme tonight... (yea!)

~ stephy_banana dresses funny... :D

~ I vow to ensure no icicle lights on my house flash... but I gotta keep the lights.. the kids love them!

G'night lj... I hope all of my friends sleep well and have wonderful dreams. When tomorrow comes try to remember that the best things in life start with someone caring about someone else...

I know I know... sorry. But sometimes I fear I might just burst if I don't get things like that off my chest... :D

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