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So there's this company... uh... government agency actually, all high brow and classy... they employ a bunch of guys in my office via development contracts, etc. They play this game... well, a bunch of them play this game... they are always giving each other the finger. No really. Senior managers getting the finger from the junior programmer guy... it's like a race to see who gives who the finger first. In the spirit of their game.... Nah! you've been fingered! :D

~ black, snug, new ftl boxers... not a whole lot compares actually!
~ beige/hint-o-green pants
~ the micro fiber dk green shirt and this sweater my ma gave me last year
~ hush puppies
~ hmmm... well, if I remember, I need to get a bus pass before the end of the day.
~ strategic planning meeting re a potential client that we've been working for a while...
~ oh yea... those time sheets I didn't do friday... (gotta do those first!!!)
~ for a good week... things have been good lately, good for a lot of my friends and good at home... this is December, and December just needs good vibes.
~ that lianna finds the strength... (always).
~ that petermarcus posts more pictures... and that January hurries up for him.

Do you know that plastic smell that you get from a new shower curtain? You know, brand new big folded up shower curtain... hard plastic smell settles in the washroom... takes a couple of days to fade. I just dying to break into a story here about a fantasy directly linked to ripping down a new shower curtain and a bottle of ... no, never mind. :D

K,... later.
ps. have a great morning.

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