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What a great day!! I'm just ripping thru a bunch of product features (new release of a software app I use at work) that are gonna make it seriously simple to pump out reports for clients... boring to most - exciting to moi (kinda sad state of affairs that I get all excited 'bout work related software!!)
Ate a great lunch - super simple deli sandwhiches from this place up the street... dough! (slapping forehead) I forgot that I had yummi pizza in the fridge!!!
OK I keep breaking out in laughter at my desk and the work mates are look'en over with big 'ol question marks on their faces and I just cannot explain it... This woman (Karen) on Big Brother is a nice enough looking woman but she really looses any looks-appeal when she opens her mouth - not only does she say "you gotta hate this woman" stuff, but she has enuf teeth and gumms for about 6 adults, so there is no shortage of jokes about how she looks on the Big Brother message boards... Well someone started calling her "Snaggs" - that being short for "Snagglepus" or "Snaggletooth" a character from a kiddy cartoon... now everytime I say the name Snaggs in my head I really crack up. I just gotta get Snaggs out'ta my head.

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