Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

three things... and bedtime wishes...

~ After opening a wee halloween size "Jersey Milk" chocolate bar (the very best chocolate, btw) and giving one of the squares to Geo and the other to Ed - um, this was at 11:am... btw - Ed, with a mouth stuck shut with chewing choco puts one thumb up and starts nodding his head up and down... as soon as he finds his voice, he says "This must be Wonka chocolate, because it's the best I ever had!".

~ I have icicle Christmas lights over my garage... and standard strips of lights along the side and over the front porch. The icicle lights come set-up with those little red-tipped bulbs that control the blinki thing... The "over the garage" zone is a high V arch. There are two strands of these lights... They were all BLINKING their heads off - which just looks dumb. But now? Oh, now it's much better. I can reach the low hanging end of the strand on the left - where strand #1 red-tipped bulbs are... fixed... but strand number 2? nope... I don't wanna go down the street and borrow that guys ladder again... so I'll have to lay on the roof and change the bulbs... have I mentioned my fear of heights lately?

~ Gabby used ma name... hehe... :D

Bedtime wishes...

I wish with all of my heart that things stay cool and work out for ladyfire with the new house... it's a real home to her and her kiddies... having other little kiddies on the street makes a huge difference in every aspect of community living.

I wish also that Jens' move (applelard) went well this weekend, AND - of course - that kristylicious's move also worked out... Moving is such a mixed blessing... the excitement of newness, the drudgery of un-boxing your life...

I wish that the sadness of froggy-loss does not overcome my friend misskris AND that she does not click this link!

I wish for peace to sneak up on nbbmom and that peace has a little somethin to sooth a sore bit-cheek... no, not that cheek... one of the "bite while eating... swallow and repeat" ouch things. And the rest of it? Kym is a precious woman and the world will just have to bend itself around corners and take care of this girl....

Special lovy-dovy wishes for my friend hilderbee and long snuggled hugs... :D

billijean?? ~ don't hate me for my icicles... (*grin*) and I hope your head feels all better for this week... :D

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