Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ guess who's been thinking about Livejournal... :D

~ ripped jeans...
~ shortsleeve blue number
~ comfy boxers...
~ to go to Lee Valley Tools to look for a gift for my da!
~ to go my folks house for a b-day dinner...
~ to sooth my aching hands!!!!
~ I get a chance to catch up on lj today!!! (missed you all last night).

Soooo... We went rock climbing again... man am I a sore puppy...
These are clickable links to some pictures...
(ps. go to to see good pictures...
~ this is Z climbing a wall and in the background is this guy that climbed past her (clip climbing) - his is upside down climbing along the ceiling... (wow)

~ this is yours truly atop a 60 foot wall....

~ my very novice self is currently trying to make it up this wall... still haven't made it.

~ this is a closer pic of me on a wall...

We had a great time... but really overworked my hands and arms... yikes!
When we got home we watched Terminator 2 (dts - yea!) and stayed up far too late....

Peace out pals... I need to go and help Edward get dressed... see ya.
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