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Some things you don't know about me…

Hi, my name is Andrew - although I prefer Corto.
I'm 38 but basically never really reached 30.

Almost two years ago I went to a hair place and they bleached my hair and colored it yellow. I enjoyed it when it was short and two-tone... I let it grow out. It was a very weird yellow... I wanted platinum. My co-workers (14 years in a fed gov job as a geek or boss geek) thought I was nuts - but many of them already thought that.

I left that full-time permanent gov job ... to work someplace that was not run by complete lunatics and ended up working for a consulting company that was run by complete lunatics.
Three months later I left there and started working for my present employer (Cognicase - a consulting company - geek central!) and I LOVE THIS JOB. A little manifest destiny here!

I have two wonderful boys, 2 and 5 and a wife that is more beautiful than she's ever going to realize (really! she's a babe but has no idea, to a fault - this drives me nuts - but that's ok. She's great and I love her like crazy. She, however, does not 'get' LJ, as in - she cannot grok the value or the karma of LJ.

I have a huge extended family of amazing characters... the stuff of a John Irving novel. Most of them live within easy drive distance, some even closer (there are bad bits to that but they are vastly outweighed by the good bits). Hawl out yer copies of National Geographics' "Travellor" (I doubt anybody actually has these but it's worth a shot) and look back about 7 months for a story about Scotland and there'll be a pic of my sis playing her fiddle in a bar. My father-in-law was a significant figure in the politics of Quebec, a judge and before all that, a soldier driving a harley davidson in Germany. He's like 85ish now. When he was 45 (42?) he was wounded in the war and fell for his 20 year old nurse... This could go on and on...

I can't handle booze... or at least I never try to. I smoke cigs... yuck... I am a guilt struck smoker... never in the house or around kids, mine or anyone else's. I manage to quit for about 5 months every year (winter = cold outside). I've smoked dope since I was 13 and it's had no discernable impact on my life other than enjoying getting a buz on.

Since about 1995 I've been a bit of a freak about music... sure I always like music, but never... I don't really know how to explain it. I'm wild about Garbage (Shirley Manson could burp a Chuck Jones song and I'd love it... sad I know... but tough!). The hunt for music that sends tingles up my spine and shoots lightning bolts back down has been rewarding to say the least. I have a web site (my LJ linked web site) that is a shrine to my obsession with Garbage. I love a lot of other music but I'm not make'en web sites to them...

Any ways, that's a chunk of me I thought I'd share... I really want to find the time to tell stories into LJ... kind of a way to bring memories back and do something with them... did you know you can download your whole journal?!!! Cool!

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