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Survivor 3 Update!

Survivor III : Update

The Editing Team Intern Show

Wherein we get treated to a half baked show slung together by the junior members of the Editing Team back at CBS. Best part - of course - being that they can only make the show out of tape they find on the floor around the senior editors desk.... Net result? Holy crrrrap some of these people are more peach pits then I thought.

Epi Quick Hit : The Show in 75 words or less...
Diane sensed a Lion so everyone went thirsty (she's a pit). Clarence spends more times body painting then on hygene (he's a pit). Lex-total-body-tattoo-boi criticizes Clarence for body art! (he's a ## pit). Frank! brought dear antlers (luxury item) to play with (big pit). Refresher scene of blood drinking - thanks! (Linda is a sickening pit) and nana-thong-ass only brought two pair of panties for the 40 day trip... washed 'em first time on day 19 (she's a smelly pit).

Frank's I-Am-A-Freak Quote of the week!
"Well, I hold them... and become in tune with the spirit of the buck as it battles. They scrape and fight and I work up a real aggressive attitude... and hopefully the others see this and are incensed as well." (as he plays with two little stupid deer antlers like a kid with two action figures at the breakfast table. Oh my fucking god… this is serious crazy people time… )

Best Quote
Hands down: Uncle Tom the Grand Wizard came out with that one… talking about Brandon.
"Getting water is hard work, the weather, the camp, the competitions… Everything in Africa is tough. And then here I am in camp with a powder puff."

The Show
Really all they had here was a review of the first 21 days touching on each council of dump and the reasons behind the selections. But to make it fun the scrounged around and found some unused footage of the nutbars being particularly nut-bar-like…

Diane the first to get the toss… the one that passed out, eyes rolling into the back of her head during the competition??? She was freaking out in the middle of the day the first time the went for water… the still hadn't filled any water bottles and she's all about "I can hear a lion over that hill… coming to us to eat me…" or some shit like dat der… No, really she was just freaking out about ?? nothing actually. The others saw this wacky behaviour… her button was pushed right there… day one. Getting sick just made it easier.

Clarence … Nana Thong Butt talking "Imagine in a woman was here that spent that much time putting on makeup and checking it…" She was talking about jungle boi and his war paint… his luxury item was war paint… The camera shows him painting to highlight his ribs and abs and LEX~!!!! LEX THE PAINTED PONY starts in on how silly it is that Clarence wants to paint his body… hahaha…

Brandon Just say'en that he came off pretty well in the clips… hmmm… wonder if they're priming us for some long term Brandon?

Linda the freak about African Earth Mother stuff… Lucky us, we got to see her doing that tongue out, open mouth proof that she was finished face during the blood drinking competition… YIKES!!! (ps. Can you imagine what their collective poops were like the next day ??? wow).

So…. not a lot else happened this episode… except a cute moment when the kids were all getting hiccups at the same time… but that's the biscuit.

Next week… psycho crown in the air between Frank and Lex. Can't hardly wait. :D

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