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Hi again... totally lost morning... just running on adrenalin as I rip all over town (cab cab cab) doing proposal presentations... What a blast! My boss is luv'en me big time.

Now it's back to type'n for the rest o'the day to get all my weekly reports out (yuck) ...
and the girl that sits right beside me (mouse maze baffles) is eating chip-wagon french fries that smell so phuking good .. hang on... YUMMMM! Lot's of 'gonna-kill-ya' salt, and vinegar... alas no mayo. I'm kind of a dip-my-fry's-in-mayo person (versus Ketchup). By the way, what is it with people that say cat-sup? I don't get it - I mean is there any other place in the english lingo where 'chu' should sound like 'ssssssss'?

I totally * enjoyed West Wing last night... basically that show is the reason we have tv right now - beside the raft of kiddy shoes that the boys watch I mean. I'm betting the writers are just having a hoot about getting to write dialog for the new character (Ainsley Hay or Hayes? played by Emily Proctor) to exchange with Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe). These two are gonna cat it up so good... I'm betting that kind of anger will result in one of those "how come this doesn't happen in real life" kisses that happens when two people are arguing intensely and suddenly 'smack'.

So, I've got a bitch-shit headache that makes the back of my head feel like it's got a three inch blood vessel in it that is expanding and contracting with my pulse (you know, science fiction movie proportions... hair moving, shirt collar stretching stuff...). Time for an advil and some food from somewhere...

C ya soon.

ps. do u ever click into your friends and check out their friends?

· Totally: I just could not figure out how to spell 'thoroughly" ???? [ th-er-ow-ly ]

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