Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

... walk'en in a winter wonderland...


so it starts.... the worlds slowest commute as people try desperately to switch back on their snow driving brains.

I mean, this is a late start to the winter thing but "start" it has... we woke up to a good layer of snow atop a sheen of ice put down by the freezing rain that came in the night, like the wet dreams of body shop owners from across the region being pressed into reality.

Yo! Nola? I put my cam on the snow for ya... dunno how good the view is but you'll recognize the snow... it's white!

~ it's a swish swish day... (noisy dk charcoal cargos)
~ that longs sleeve sweater...
~ and the mock mock mock (say that out loud) shirt.
~ survivor boxers...
~ to get a Q&A done on our document set and get the final versions to the client today!
~ to make some phone calls today! (yea, I get in these moods and phone a few Lj buddies... do I have your number?)
~ the very best of wishes for my friends in the midst of moves! Big stuff moving! I know and I hate it... I just hate the process of packing it all up and unpacking it...
~ for a wee bit of good health to sneak up on misskris (pssst. after four days of a fever, d'a you think you should maybe lie down for a bit?)
~ for the hard disk gods to smile on teaser!!!
~ that jaggedpill holds on to the work zone and stays as happy with loverboi as she has been lately... what a pleasure to see such unashamed joy!

Sometimes I am well and truly amazed at the capacity some of my friends have to put up with crummy treatment - let alone be wonderful happy spirits in the lives of so many people. Some Blossoms just bloom especially bright!

Hey... yesterday? I mentioned that I wanted to do better? Geez, did yesterday ever work out!! Stood my ground on some things, caved with respect on others and generally speaking, felt a day that started el'crummi-anko become a really fantastic one... I slept well last night! Sometimes the simplest words of love or quiet care can push you up and over some of life's harder emotional challenges. Thank you sugar...

Ps. After an hour and a half commute… (ug) the snow has turned back to freezing rain.

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