Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


so earlier today I posted a note
I put some words in there that move emotions around
like little wooden carvings on a chess board.

I am appologising to gina (ginamoog)
for saying something that wasn't nice
~ I don't even know her.

It all brings to light a point I've made before
and I'm going to make again

Ranting is best done in the privacy of your own journal
shoving, pushing should be done to someones face.
when you play that way in someone elses journal...
you open yourself up to ridicule and argument.

If you say it to my face, I will listen
If you say it in your journal, I will respect you
If you say in someone else's journal, I just think your being nasty.
~ fair game.

However, I understand all about sticking up for your friends
and that leads to mistakes sometimes.
This is one of them. All around.
Ginamoog is most likely a nice sorta whackjob

we talked.

I will always stand by the shoulders of my friends
and face their fears and their nemesis with spirit.

nuf said...
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