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The Ballad of the Kernel

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On any given Monday, after aerobics, Z picks Ed up from the child care resource at the community center, buys this mini-bucket of popcorn and heads home. Yesterday, as they were heading home, Ed cries out from the back seat booster about "mom.. mom.. I got one in my ear... eeeeeee I got one in my ear." The rear view says he's ok but he's gone and done something... She's thinking a big popped kernel of corn touched his ear.

Home... first thing is to checkout that ear. Nothing... can't see a thing. She asks him what happened and he's all about denying it. She builds some calm and delivers the "I wont be angry Ed, I just need to know for sure..." line but he maintains denial. Another look... a close look... nothing. A few minutes later she see's him doing a little head shake with his head leaning over to his shoulder...

K, so she's worried now. Off to the local clinic. Sure'nuf... one look and it's a for sure thing that there is a greasy, un-popped kernel of corn in there. Doctor tries to get it out but its a done deal that Ed is way too agitated and the Doc does not want to make it worse.
Hospital time. The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario is a wonderful facility but if you have to go... expect to spend the day. They got there at maybe 11:30... they got home again at close to 8:00. It started with plenty of waiting. Z knows she should have brought extra clothes, and some activities for Ed... but this all happened too fast. Cafeteria food sure. But the real problem was that he was just beside himself with fear. After a long as hell wait they see Doc number one who has a nurse and Z hold Ed while they try to get the kernel out... Ed is crying and twisting... and just horrified at the look of the thing the Doc is sticking in his ear. This is deemed a no-go and they are referred to the Ears, Nose and Throat specialist at the hospital. More waiting... Ed eventually falls asleep.

Approaching the dinner hour. Ed's wet... Ed's all done - as in tuckered out, and the problem persists.

Z is living on magical Mom energy and patience, where it comes from? I have no idea but it's pretty heady stuff. They finally see the specialist. Dude has more evil, scary as hell implements of destruction to stick in Eds ear... first attempt is a total blow off so they get the rack. Yup... Velcro straps, and a wee kidlette form pressed out of plastic. Ed is totally fucking freaked out of his mind. Z was more than a little emotional about what it was like holding his little straining, crying-till-he's-mute self and in the end? Nope... still there. Yes, they tried suction, etc. but the bottom line is they couldn't be sure Ed wouldn't twist or something at the exact wrong moment and be hurt by the tools they wanted to use to help him. Next stop O/R.

The "sterile" operating theaters are booked based on an A, B, C classification (as I found out when I had my hernia operation). A = no options, your in and C is basically elective. Z was told she'd have to wait for a C to finish (someone having Laser eye surg... It was going to be like three more hours. But a B or something was coming in so the doc decided to split the O/R in half and the specialist told Z he could take right away... More trauma because Z could not go in with Ed. Ed was gassed... and therefore passed out cold. From that condition, it was - apparently - easy to get the kernel out. Fifteen minutes later they were on their way out.

As they were leaving, Z explained how she felt seeing a wee bitty baby (toddler proly) on a gurney with tubes hooked up heading in for surgery.... I can only imagine that mommy's and daddy's adjust their threshold for empathy so they can deal with the specific reality that confronts them... Otherwise, I cannot imagine how I (let alone Z) could bare to watch either of my little guys go through a traumatic operation.

Any ways... all is well with out little guy. He came home to spend the next two hours fighting and playing with his brother... and now? a day later? no issues. Certainly it was harder on Mom than it was on the little guy.

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