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Morn'in LJ. Today (and Friday) I'm taking the morning OFF work and working from home in the afternoons... (Geo to school in afternoon and Ed to off to Grandma's house - I fully intend to put him in a red sweatshirt with a hood!).
This is the week that Z is 'wurquing' at her old (like 5 years ago) office... she's experiencing a real time warp ... nothings' changed there. Anyways, here I am - Super Dad - play'en with lego and watching blues clues and talk'en the kiddies into eating their cereal - and of course talking to LJ.
** Yesterday was a stellar LJ day. New friends, feel like I helped a LJ friend with some 'stuff' and generally speaking felt like a million bucks by the time the day ended. Oh yea, my office was serving Champaign (sp?) at 10:00 am yesterday. Click On Job (a web site for job-finding - but mostly directed at employers and employees in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) went live!!! This is the e-com site our office built - created the application, hosting the site and all the hardware... blah blah blah... Heck, we even bought the company (click on job inc.). Check it out! (hopefully it didn't break last night!!!!
ps. I am really happy about a LJ friend that got a new hobby. Reading her journal you get to see a woman go from bad to good (extreme generalization) and it really is great to see good things happening for people. Funny how u can care so much for people that are so intangible (here in LJ land).
pps. The hobby is a guy!
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