Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


...late. Not necessarily a good thing. And I almost managed to go to bed at a good time, but in this I failed miserably. Spent the night with a ol'police song running through my head.
~ big warm turtleneck...
~ dk/blue cotton cargos... velcro, pockets and an amazing magnetic attraction for cat hair. Did you know I have a cat? Buster... Ed is crazy about her.
~ black ftl's and dem big shoes...
~ to deal with a big negative vibe over being late for an 8:30 meeting... it's 8:29 now and the commute is half done.
~ to try ignore my computer tonight.
~ that there was some magic wand I could wave that would fix a few things for a former Bostonian, Norwegian loven, new englander I know...
~ that I had a better memory... something's tend to slip away at the worst possible times.

let me go ooooon...
like I blister in the sun....
let me go ooooon...
big hands, I know you're the one.
when I'm a walking I strut my stuff
and I'm so strung out...

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