Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Kids for sale... well one kid... well, ok, not for sale... but anybody wanna lease 'em for a bit?

No rock climbing for us today...
My tummy feels moi better - and that's proly cause I've been following good advice all day, but we could not secure baby sitting...
so it's an office evening...
I'm going to fry my internet connection soon as I switch over to dsl and change everything on the server... yikes, theres a lot to do!
{little pause... Geo just called me to his room to sing "little boo bear"* to him...}
Note to self: go make coffee...

I put up half the christmas lights today... "half" in that we chucked out all the old lights last year - they were driving me batty - and bought January sale christmas lights... which managed to cover "half" the desired space... so Z went out to get more lights today... they'll go up tomorrow - weather permitting. I borrowed a neighbors extension ladder to do the deed... I always get the heeby jeebies when I'm up at the top end of one of those.

We had a spectacular dinner tonight.. rice and veggies all over the place... fresh green beans are way yummi... I also bar-bq'd two little tenderloin steaks - I only ate a small amount of that to be nice to my aicky-breaky-tummy.... George will stuff his face until he explodes with Veggies... while Ed will power back meat like an extra from Braveheart. These guys are so different it amazes me that they came from the same cellular cock-tail (talk about yer play on words... lol)(*gag*)

Ok, enough of this... off to make coffee...

* Little Boo Bear: When George was an infant... I would sit in a rocking chair into the wee hours of the night with him in my arms... trying to coax a burb out of his little self.. Z would wake up to feed him, and I would get up after that to burp him... I kinda made up this song to sing to him as I POUNDED THE HELL OUT OF HIM - well, not really, but that's what all that back thumping felt like at the time... Verse by verse that song grew and grew and has been burned into my memory... I sang Ed through burps with it as well... although he was never much on cuddling up ... He burps like Homers big fat friend in The Simpsons... everything kinda jiggles when Ed burps... he'd belt it out by the end of the first verse... Geo is now 6 and when he can't sleep... it's little boo bear time.

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