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well today started out topless... :D ... very scary white boi hiding behind hand there...
In honour of GardenGnomeGirls that looked like she was up a wee bit too late...
However... my cam alarm started ringing... far to much contrast (white boi) was threatening to smoke the cam. LOL.

~ a big comfy sweater ON MY TONGUE...
~ a housecoat...
buzzing on
~ tha advil I took at 4:30 when I woke up feeling icky awful.
~ to have a Clark Kent like transformation in the shower and
~ go watch Geo get it all out of his system at ju-jitsu this morning.
~ I had enough brain power at this stage to make reasonable wishes...

Oh... I got my adsl high speed Alcatel modem yesterday... going to start the transition away from the cable modem today... I may be able to run the site (and associated sites) off both IP addresses while it transitions so there may (fingers crossed) be zero down time ... that would be sweet. :D
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