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I'm jealous.
I'm jealous of an electronic device!!!
Sure, I'm all cuddly and I can do what's required, but NO! She turns to an electronic abomination (with three settings L-M-H) to replace me!
I'm just a little slow on the up-take and get to bed 15 minutes after her, and there she is, all taken care of!
Am I being silly, I mean, she used to turn to me and only me... Oh, yea sure, there were nights when we'd get the soft rubber thing out of the closet and fill it nice warm water... but that only enhanced things... It certainly didn't replace me!
Yessiree, she hardly needs me at all. Geez, once the cold weather comes along, she breaks out the electric heating pad to warm up against... What? Well what did u think? Oh... really now. You watch too much tv.

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