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Morrrrrn'en lj.

wolfiegirl!!!!! Donny Osmond is gonna be on the next episode of Fear Factor (looks like he gets tied up and stuck in a big bucket of water...)

Today has got to be all about music… I need music - it builds the spirit.

~ um, friday! d'uh....
~ leopard print...
~ jeans
~ p-z shirt and the fifty lb sweater... sleeves to here...
~ to bare naked ladies... "it's been one week..."
~ oops, now it's stevie ray vaughan "she's my sweet little thang..."
~ staying awake seems like a good idea.
~ putt'en on the corto-werk cam
~ finishing a S3 update.
~ actually working? ya baby...
~ that ouchi legs stop being ouchi for this blue girl I know.
~ that shiny red pants on girls were more pop-pop-popular...
~ to send a friday shout out to my friend rini... mostly cause she's all that and a bag of chips... (official rini smoochs!!)

Did you know that reading Captian Underpants books can cause deja-vu?

Did you know that reading Captain Underpants books can cause deja-vu?

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