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mister mojo rising...
got to keep on rise'en...
rise'en rise'en.
ah said yea!

Hmm... West Wing... Enterprise... Wednesday nights are good veg with the tv nights...

I need to get a picture of this thing Ed's been doing... Clap your hands together in front of yourself - flat hands - then separate them like you were saying "I caught a fish this big..." So picture Ed standing beside out bed talking to Z ... well, waking her up actually, "Mommy! mom? mommy! do you know what? I love you this much... " except he keeps changing his mind making his hands go further apart. Eventually he has his arms out straight... but he doesn't stop there. He ends up standing there... slightly bent over, with his hands pressed together behind his back - trying desperately to keep his arms straight - saying "nonono.. I love you THIS much!"

~ k, so something dif... I have a new shirt today... It's kind of a rayon, fake silk number but it's all cool (to me). I wish you could see the pocket stuff going on...
~ dress pants, rockports, black ftl's and, of course, a shot of d&g.
~ I'm giving this big ass presentation today to a group of clients that may... only "may" wanna dump a bucket of $$ on our heads and have my team help 'em out.
~ to tape watch survivor tonight...
~ to listen to nbbmom on the radio...
~ I have an invite to the company box tonight (wohoo) for a senators hockey game.
~ that my friends sammystudio and lianna find their way into each others arms again... soon... (it's kind of a "living vicariously" thing with me!! :D)
~ I could charter a private jet to wing to indiana on occasion... I know this sweet girl there that really deserves big hearted hugs sometimes... I just think it'd be groovy to be able to play hug delivery boi every now and then. (yea, I know... very very corny... yea! so?)
~ do you know moowazz?? A very real, very good person. She is such a great journal friend!

Listen... just a note: I'm switching over from "cable modem" to "dsl" this weekend and my web site, my friends with cam sites, and a bunch of linked pictures... all will be zapped at some point while DNS catches up with me... I'll send notes to people directly affected before it goes out...

shhh! Listen... the sound of my hands clapping behind my back.
ps. I love you THIS much...

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