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Huge Yawn...
Z's going to 'wurque' this week at her old employers ... she last worked there in March of the year that George was born (5 years ago) - had to stop doing anything early to make it thru being a pregnant chick...
They called her and asked her to help with something this week. (its a Community Resource Center - youth counseling, woman's support organization - great stuff if your up to dealing with some of the most emotionally painful stuff society has to offer).
So kiddies are off to Anya's (Hungarian for Grandma) house for a couple of days, and I'll take a couple of days to wurque at home and we'll see about the fifth day... All this, mostly, 'cause she does not want to say no to them now so that they'll call again later when she really wants to wurque. This week will suck and I mean that most sincerely. Not 'cause she's wurquing or anything like that but the stress in the house will be phucking outstanding.
I'm of the opinion that kissing is one of the most important parts...
I'm not explaining 'parts' 'cause I want to remain focused on the idea that it's 'important' ... the 'parts' can be a lot of things (loving, sex, marriage, affections, fixing what hurts). If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a kiss is worth a million.
You can suck at a lot of things... but kissing...

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