Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Mornin Lj...

See that? see me smiling? yea... I'm in a good mood, but that is officially the laughing at myself smile. I sat down and made a nominal effort to go for the serious corto look... got nowhere fast. :D

So I managed to stay off the computer last night... 'course, watching "Saving Private Ryan" made it a no-brainer... gotta say that is a major downer of a movie. I mean, it was awesome but still... "feel good" has nothing to do with that movie.
~ it's a swish swish day... dk charcoal noisy cargo pants
~ the big turtleneck... and dem shoes...
~ a project "forecast" came up 5 days over budget yesterday afternoon... so I have three days to finish it... planning? planning on working like a maniac.
~ it's a west wing night!
~ the guy beside me on the bus would stop looking at my little computer screen... (ahhh there... hahaha)

Ok... I got a zillion things on my mind today - not all so good - but mostly I want to pull a good vibe out of somewhere and wrap myself in it. I get better work done when I am feeling good. Maybe I can put some of my issues into a filtered post or two later...

any ways... later skaters...

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