Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

so, sumthin needs getting off my chest...

First of all, the whole concept of LJ friends is so strange... some friends are part of friend circles, while others are unique... 'cept u forget and end up just thinking everybody sees everything... any ways, that's a line of thought - how simple yet complex the lj friend concept can be...

So Ames, what's up with the anonymous dude and the seriously mean sounding reply to that recent 'hurten' post? I think you deleted the whole thread! Was anonymous dude serious about 'burn in hell'? D'ya know this guy? It seemed downright hurtfull but maybe I'm just missing the point. I posting this in my journal 'cause I know you'll see it in your friends and I doubt Anonymous dude 'el read that... (here's hope'en ... and if I'm all wrong... "Well, hi there Mr Anonymous... how's it shaken?")

Bottom Line: Ames, RUOK?

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