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I had so much... we had so much fun tonight...

The rock climbing thing... go to their web site and look at the stuff we were climbing...

This was our first time doing this and it was great. Even if you ignore the symbolism of holding each others safety ropes etc. it was a fun thing to do as a couple. Lots of people doing it... a few other first timers... lots of real pro's too.

First climb... scrambled up about 60 feet and then *gasp* looked down... My heart about exploded as fear-of-heights-terror ripped through me and I plastered myself frozen against the wall... But I got past that... Once you learn (and it will take a while) to really trust the rope you must loose the fear thing.

It's a hell of a work out... my fingers, hands and forearms are just screaming right now... ahhhhhhhh... After two hours we had to stop... I just couldn't continue. I'm seriously motivated to a) work on strength training and b) to GO AGAIN as soon as possible. I - for some insane reason - forgot the camera... but I'll remember it next time.

eeeeee! it was just a blast. Z loved it huge. It's a cool way to face some fears and work together on accomplishing something seemingly impossible. :D

I hope somebody out there can give topazgrrl a back rub and I really REALLY hope it clears up!!! dammit! It was clear up until about an hour ago... I'll be up at 3:30 to watch the sky regardless... :D

(there should be - in case your busy living under a rock - a killer meteor shower tonight - possibly the best you'll see in this lifetime.)

Love and smmoooches all around.

Later sk8ers.

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