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Mini BB Update
(gasp) <------ get the symbolism?
Ok, so way back when, there was this event... recounted in a bb update somewhere 'bout the british BB show and that when 'nick' left the show the headlines across he UK were "Nasty Nick - the most reviled person in the UK". Nick was a woman named Nichola. I read the threads on this event think'en nick was a he... anyways, the point here is that the in the US version of things there was no such intensity to the celebrity afforded the Half Wits.
I mean, we had 'the mouth' - aka Karen She Devil and Elmer the very seriously damaged guy (I can still see George asking Curtis if he thought the fact that the producers forced him into an interview with the show psychologist regarding his 'digging in the garden' behavior meant that he was 'really on to something' and 'how much do you think is out there' - one of the dumbest things ever said). And while they both got press, it just does not compare.
Jamie Kerr (?) was consistent / persistent in her plans for fame and concern for star-behavior throughout the show... HAS BEEN INVISIBLE since the day the show ended... redefining the term 'deafening silence'. Lover-idiot-boy was in some press somewhere, he was the celebrity add-on to a mall-opening somewhere... (ouch!) The big winner...? nadda.
I did see a good clip with The Brat and Mr. Third-Place-Man. She looked fantastic... I mean I always thought she looked fun... lots of energy, but I had trouble with any mental images dedicated to her looking like a babe and in this .... I had less trouble by far. It's a real-video segment interview of Brit and Curtis at some awards show (the AMMY awards?).
Anyways... thought I'd pass on that link and last *gasp* a bit. ttfn

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