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Hey LJ... I'm muddling thru a major long process to get all the registration info complete for my .ca domain names..... Canada just turned over management of the .ca to a series of private sector domain registrars and manages it via CIRA. Everything is all very serious and scholarly and official etc... then you get linked to a page for the 'agreement' to which you ultimately agree or disagree via a button at the bottom. Did I say bottom? I meant to say WAY DOWN AT THE VERY VERY BOTTOM. I was being all serious like until I got to that page and realized it would take, like 3 hours to read (minimum) the entire page... phuck it... click... I agree.

I think I'll go back into the garage... remind my inner child that it's Friday night by catching a little buzz and start cleaning up the kids play room so the birthday party kids can wreck the place tomorrow.

C ya in a hour or so...

ps. This has been an outstanding LJ week for me... thank you ... all of you... even the people I read that have no idea... thank you. (fawn fawn...)
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