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Hey LJ... I had such a great sleep last night that I just couldn't let it end... so I slept in terribly and was late for work (oops).

Today, George, my oldest boy turns 5. Five years ago, YESTERDAY, about this time of day, I was tool'en home from work in a cab to meet my mom and Z at home... the contractions were still way far apart so we relaxed, sent my mom home and spent the day walking around in the sunshine, checking the overnight bag, and mostly listening me become anal about how many seconds had passed since the last ouch.

Sometime around 10:00 at night (Lemans - sp??? convinced us to take it easy, relax, let the hospital know where your at and DON'T go until they get about 8 - 10 min apart) Z decides to take a shower...

I'm ready... real ready. I have garbage bags and a blanket bought for this purpose covering the passenger seat, full tank of gas, car running and trying to appear all calm cool and collected while asking Z if she's going to be much longer in the bathroom. I edge up the stairs and peek around the corner into the can and there she is... on all fours blow drying her hair totally in the middle of a big monster contraction. I crack up completely and so does she... So, her water breaks.

We high tailed it to the hospital, got all hooked up and sometime around 2:00 am I'm bawling into the phone (ps. I am now wiping stupid unending tears from my eyes...) as I tell my dad that he has a new grandson... He was sooo tiny and blue!!! Something about a "merconium" (sp?) birth and they had to do all this suction stuff to clean out his lungs. But he was fine and beautiful.

Happy birthday Georgi...

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