Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

g'mornen lj...

Geez... do you ever know it's November around here... all you gotta do is look at my hands. You can hear the pores of my flesh making a sucking sound when I put moisturizer on 'em.

~ blue/gray dress pants...
~ mock mock mock neck blue shirt
~ nice dk blue sweater
~ brand-spankin new snug gray ftl's
~ it's a west wing night... (yea!)
~ to move to california... ok, maybe not tomorrow.....
~ I had some good advice for my friend tonya... alas* I think that only the calendar will turn things around for you sweets.
~ I could spend a day just making phone calls to my lj pals... I so love hearing your voices and talking... we can become so close over time playing here in Lj and then the voice! well it's just like icing on a cake.
pssst. I got to talk to an adorable chiquita in beautiful mexico yesterday...

So I spent last night taking a power course on some stuff about apache web server that I had no idea about... I'm feeling pretty good about the new stuff. I'd love to actually have evenings that I could spend learning and building on the pc without it becoming fodder for in-the-house drama.

Ok... almost at work... the bus was late today so, consequently... I'm late. On your marks, get set...

* oh god... I said "alas"... I'm sorry.

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