Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

The Structure...

So this is the structure...

The project was to use three dif materials and make something that would protect against either water, light, or wind. (grade 1, btw)

Geo will bring this to school tomorrow and explain how that it is a house... that he made with styrofoam, cardboard and plastic.

(the foam is the shells that the new home theater speakers came in... the cardboard is from the packaging as well and the plastic is the wrap that was around the amp.... )

He will go on to explain, as he did in several practice runs today..., that he hot-glue-gunned the foam together to make the building, and covered a piece of cardboard with plastic and made the roof. He painted it red and drew bricks on with a marker. His dad had to help him hot glue the roof in place...

To demonstrate that the structure will protect the insides from WET... he has a dropper of water that he has to squeeze onto the roof and then proove that the insides are dry.

We had fun with this... he spent a while drawing the bricks... :D
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