Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hi ho. evening time... quiet time... nice time! two little dudes sleep'en away in the room they share. Ed, in a crib still - his choice (he'll be 3 in January) and George on the bottom bunk of - duh - bunk beds. Ed has slept on the top bunk before. In fact he's mastered the little ladder deal to get up and down (still drives me nuts to watch him come down the ladder tho).

Z is packaging fun and excitement... she's producing the Kiddy birthday "loot bags from hell" (meaning only that they are just packed with great stuff and a hefty dose of things related to the pending birthday theme... "digimon" ( I am a confessed Digimon expert - having watched the first two seasons faithfully with George). Z loves (did I say that strongly enuf? let me try again... Z **L**O**V**E**S**) doing stuff like this... She get's all very-organized about it and in the end these will bare-none be the best loot bags in the history of our kids experience with 5 year old birthday parties.

The party will start with me taking 8 five year old boys to the AMC to watch the (you guessed it) Digimon Movie. The it's pile in the Van and to a big soccer field to play just enuf three legged races (etc.) to burn off the Theater Eagers - energy stored up by sitting still too long. Then it's home to pizza and cake. Then it's "dad made all these tunnels out of boxes - lets go nuts" time to work off a bit of cake steam... then presents, then parental pick-ups with loot bag distribution. Then two very tired parents will pass out on the floor in front of both children with the TV on over our inert bodies... chances r, the kids won't notice a thing.

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