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ug! I am not well (no jokes). a few times a year I get this thing... some sort of an irritation in my throat... well actually on my (awful word but - ) uvula - that's the little dude that dangles in the back of your throat (and no, that is not your tonsil).
Anyways, irritation equals all-swollen-up. Everybody say Yuck.

(here comes a geek moment.)
I got to work early(ish) today and am still banging away on the super-urgent stuff. You can go to a web site out there called The site TODAY is the way it is, but not the way it will be in a couple of weeks. Our company bought that company and has developed (and is deploying) a new e-com web service. So, I went to montreal a while ago to deploy all the hardware into a hosting facility and I am seriously under the gun to firm up the process by which the new environment will be proactively monitored, remotely managed, employ 'self healing', built into a help desk, supported by a level 1,2,3 organization and all be established complying to International Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) definitions...
I have like, until maybe 10:30 ... so why am talking to LJ... c ya...
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