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Morn'en Lj...

K... it's a whole new world again. :D
Some of you may be right up there on the info curve and already know who landmark is... We'll see if he digs lj... it can really be a personal thing so whatever, but the bottom line remains the same... dude is the first brother from the real world to land in my neck of the shared privacy zone. I count many of the peeps on my lj friends list as real world friends... but all were friends in lj land first. All I can say is that I think so highly of this guy that I can't really imagine a better person to bring from reality into the zone.

~ pail green/beige deal pants again...
~ the micro fiber nip shirt... and a sweater...
~ gray ftl's and the hushpuppies... :D
~ well, it's thursday... survivor tonight...
~ on getting a kyms-kicken-radio-diva fix today...
~ for good vibes to wrap around incarnation as she takes on the stress of a big decision... power to you sugar! You're in my thoughts.
~ for dam good luck when i mess with my @home account tonight...
~ to offer up a little sage advice... when spritzing on cologne... pay attention and DO not spritz up over your chin into your eyes.

I wanted to shout out a "hiya" to a new friend... carouselrose and I found one another and the first thing I read in her journal set me back on a great vibe... I'm sharing her sentiment 'cause I think it's so appropriate;
Friends can squeeze all the sorrow away with their love...

Two things
~ on survivor... couple of possibilities... either they (psycho boi Mark Brunet - sp?) are going to swap a clan member between the tribes... or possibly they are going to make three tribes out of the existing teams...
~ my @home account - which supports my domain - is going to go down tonight... so images will be toast and the cam will be offline... while I try to mess with their dhcp system... this should be easy... however knowing me I'm just say'en that things like this have a habit of going crazy wrong. :D

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