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I'm actually - yuck - working at home tonight on something... I kinda hate working overtime (no overtime pay, just overtime work) but it'll make it easier to face tomorrow.
That, by the way, is totally irrelevant for now, cause I just had a major LJ experience (Thanks Ames). If you've got a little romantic spark that needs some good feeden, I urge (sp?) you to go here and read this guys major journal entries... then click into Firefly's journal and read her major entry on the subject of their impending marriage. This is a really fab love story.

That, also, is almost (but not quite) irrelevant...

What is relevant here is that an experience like that - reading that story and feeling the way it made me feel - is one of the reasons for breathing on a regular basis. The trick is to keep breathing... so that you'll have chances to feel strong and beautiful emotions, like the ones I felt reading that story.

"It's an LJ thing." I mean, where else? (something like a phenomenon,...)

See! there I go again... I gotta try to hold back a bit or I'm gonna LJ myself a legacy of mushy versions of me...
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