Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

for the record...

A butter tart is a dessert pastry...

~ a wily treat... it can often be found masquerading as a fast food yummi along with the standard ding dongs and ho-ho's in little crinkly plastic wrappings...
~ it is most notably found packed in small groups... while colloquially these groups are often referred to as "bunches of butter tarts" the proper term is borrowed from the root of "crow groups" and hence is called "A murder of butter tarts" ... very sinister sounding... don't you think.
~ the more mundane habits of the domestic butter tart include lurking on the shelves at bakeries, and making appearances at mid-morning snake counters.
~ the physiology of the domesticated short hair butter tart... oh wait... forget the hair... is as follows;
... flake pastry cup-cake sized shell
... a sugary, butterscotch cream filling - close relative to the Parisian and Quebecois sugar cake - is often imbibed with raisins and even adorned with fresh pecans.

So there you have it. The butter tart* in all her glory.

* not to be mistaken for the woman of moderate virtue naked and tastefully adorned with melting, slippery, butter that awaits you on a bed that has a recently ripped down shower curtain for a bed sheet. :D

Good night lj... today has been another good day... feel a bit like I'm on a roll.

(ps. Can't wait to listen to lizvang's song tomorrow.)


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