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Morn'en Lj...

Hola... yesterday was an amazing day... I went out a'shoppen for some home theater components... ended up making the big purchase. I bought a yamaha amp (rx520) and, tipping my hat to a city that I will hopefully visit soon, Boston Mk9000-II 5.1 spearker system. :D Problem there is that it's just boxes of goodies until you put the time in. My pal with every freaken tool imaginable came over and we went crazy from like 3:00 to 1:00 in the morning. All the speakers (tiny little things) are wall mounted with the wires running through walls to the basement and all coming up at a patch panel behind the tv. um.. this is huge for me. I'm wery wery excited. Kinda like christmas morning... actually, it is! This pretty well covers anything I could be getting for christmas this year. :D

~ gray (w/ a hint of blue) dress pants... cuffed.
~ blue mock (mock mock mock - love that word mock mock neck.
~ really nice dark dark blue sweater... suede shoulders...
~ rockports (black) ... I even remembered my belt... hahaha.. (psst. I went to bed at 2:30... tired...)
~ crazy work... I have a ton of work ... especially in consideration of the desire to actually keep my job.... errrrg. (I wonder what terrors work will bring this week! yuck)
~ to watch Alias tonight... taped it last night.
~ on spending some serious amount of time figuring out how to work the new freakishly complicated looking remote for the home theater stuff.
~ that the stars align themselves and present me with the chance to catch up with Lj...

You know, after a year of wishing people happy birthday and being a real sweetie, it would really suck to have lj mess'en up on your birthday. I noticed that it was The-Loven-Hill-o'Bees birthday yesterday.... but I'm saving her birthday wish to see if Lj is working well... I'll see when I get to work. :D

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