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Morn'en LJ. It is one dark and dismal day in my part of the world... I can't even see out the windows - it's sooo dark outside that the night-time-effect of reflecting the light from indoors is still happen'en.

I'm just phucked ... I'm drowning in work and - with a heartfelt nod to those collage days - the prospect of sooo much work makes me want to just clean my desk, squeegee my monitor, and write in LJ. Can you say PROCRASTINATION?

I'm off to make a list... check it twice ... and then try to scratch things off ... m u s t s t a y f o c u .... what was I saying...

Hey, little freaky moment: I was doing my usual 'click on random' to surf around LJ a few weeks ago and came to someones post about so-and-so's Live Journal seeming to be a premonition... An LJ person passed away - and forgive me if you know about this and I'm getting details wrong - I think it was an accidental death. By the time I noticed this post, the recently-deceased's journal had been closed... but it made me think about what an interesting legacy (obviously among many other things) a maintained journal is... I'll have to update my LWAT to include instruction on how to access, dump to a file and provide a posthumous final entry in my LJ should the end arrive as a surprise... Now, if I go tonight that'll be way freaky but this is highly unlikely 'cause I have had all these solid dreams and premonitions about my self as a old man... and of course, that means that a whole lotta time has to go by before those events come to pass...

More later... back to that "I h a v e g o t t o s t a y f o c u s e d t o d a y"

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