Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en Lj...

k, today is not starting great... I was in way too much of a rush and the kid thing was very frustrating. It's silly season in my house so everything get's tense... but (and it's a heartfelt but) I can deal...

~ still hangin with jeans... and the blue shirt / orange stipe.
~ and - *gasp* - no thong today...
~ to figure out how to manage a day without my cell phone... (fogot it)
~ to connect the corto-werk cam
~ go to a client at some point... must put in some geek time with them...
~ to finish at S3 update...
~ that the good vibes crawling around lj keep the faith and hang for the weekend. It was a full moon the other night... and (sorry if this is indelicate) but a whole big bucket of my lj friends seem to have their periods about 4 days after the full moon... in the words of sergeant what-ever-his-name-was on Hill Street Blues (not that too many of you will remember that show....) "Be careful out there..."

Love you guys... later.
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