Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Hiya lj...

So it's like 2:15 ... do you know where all your employees are?

I'm off to a punk-ass meeting with some pimples at a major bank... clients... I'm kinda "off" this project but the boss wants me to keep being the whipping boy for a while... and between you and me???? If I'm gonna be someones whipping boy... I wanna at least be able to taste burning leather... ya know... maybe a little dynamic tension... but here??? Nooooooooo. Just old farts giving me a hard time. hahaha...

Yup... I'm all over the crack today.

Heard a good song on my way to work.... Nicotena (no actual idea how to spell that)

best part of today? I got to talk to an angel in the morning... kinda soothes my soul.

please note: I used "angel" and "soul" here and spell'ed 'em both right... this has got to be a record or sumthin... :D

I sure hope Lj is working a bit later... maybe enough to load a friends page... and print it for the drive home...

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