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Holy-squish batman... I got me Juan and his six hundred pounds of stuff piled up on the seat with me... comfy. (note to new friends... these morning posts are typed up on a hand-held hp jornada 820 while I'm commuting to work on a packed bus....)

Today is layoff day for eight coworkers... and unless my boss is lying outright to me, only one of the eight is off of my team. He (dead man walking) suspects... he called me last night. I feel terrible about it but I've done everything I can while I'm busy saving the rest of the team.

~ total denim day ... blue jeans, blue t and company (ug) denim shirt.
~ brand spanking new black ftl snug boxers... and dem big ass shoes.
~ working on my resume...
~ watching Survivor 3 tonight...
~ that my friend billijean feels better today... ouchi bruise on her hip.
~ I get to listen to my friend nbbmom today... (practically the best part of my average day...)

So, I know this girl name liz. She's a lovely girl. You could call her lovely liz. She had a lofty idea. Now things didn't go exactly as expected for lovely lofty liz. In fact, it was a bit of a letdown. So I'm here to tell ya that when my lovely liz has a lofty letdown I wanna lift her spirits. She deserves it... she's sweet and smart and already famous!
So let today be lift a lofty letdown lovely liz day!

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