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So a wee hickup in the land of Lj yesterday. I missed ya'all . I still managed to talk on the phone with lothie, kristylicious and jaggedpill last night... wohoo... happy b-day again Amy.

"Roxanne" (the police) just came on in my ears... the temptation to start eddy murphying away to this song is pretty compelling! My fellow bus riders would really love that... See'en as I woke up at 7:40 and made the 8:05 bus with linen dents in my face... what a prize... come on... ya know ya want me. hahaha...

~ dk blue cotton cargos... velcro and pockets everywhere.
~ p-z long sleeve...
~ dem big ass shoes and a trench coat
~ ok, so I'm a pill... I didn't dress up for "halloween @ work".
~ many will have... but I'm supposed to be all over client sites today... so screw it.
~ it's a West Wing and Enterprise night… little bit of teevee action tonight!
~ wishing moi happiness to my friend jadedfearie and her love dakotajoy. I met aimee a while ago and I've been watchen while she fell in love... now I find out that lo and behold... these two cuties are all living together and in the grip o'love. Kinda makes me mushy... I'm amazingly happy for this girl. :D
~ for the rain to give us a break tonight... it's supposed to rain right over the kiddie trick or treat zone...

Oh and I don't know if you know kristylicious or ladyfire but you should!!!. These are two very very long-standing lj friends and, personally, I can't imagine my world without getting to talk to them. Both of them... on opposite sides of the continent... managed to finally nail down new digs... big monstrous huge congratulations going out to kristy and lisa. This is a big deal! I mean sure... it's just a place to live, but for a single mom... well there are no end of issues to deal with and where you live is up there. I'm very happy for both these wonderful women.

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