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Morning Lj.

Hiya Lj... so this headache stuff has really got to go. I feel moi better today... but I went to bed at an amazingly early hour - for me - last night... imatrix is a frigging god send.

~ generally dressy today... black sox / white diamonds... gray ftl's
~ gray/hint of blue dress pants
~ blue mock neck (mock mock mock ... ) w/ thin charcoal cashmere sweater
~ rockports... oh, and the D&G 'cause I definitely like smelling better than the boss.
~ back to client land... (I'm really missing lj these days...)
~ to ask around at work to see if anyone taped "alias" on sunday... missed it!!
~ to carve the pumpkins... didn't get to that last night... for obvious reasons.
~ dream job: sit around and play on lj all day and get paid obscene amounts of money... think it would get boring?

You absently say my name
A small voice
Reflected off your creation of the moment
Telling me a story about your day
Believing with all of your heart
It will make perfect sense
Somehow it will

I look over to your little fingers
Delicate and endlessly active
Raising my eyes
Ours meet and for no special reason
You're up and across the few feet to me
Like a time out in the game of your evening
You surround me with unconditional hugs

And away again, fingers twitching.

Dear God in heaven I love these guys…
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