Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


hey... what a night... I woke up at 4:15 with a serious migraine... dam but I've had a bunch of those this year. For most of my life it's been, maybe twice a year. I was crawling to the closet for my meds and then sat up in bed waiting for the "kick in". The meds work... they work great, but there's a price. I'm a bit numb today. go me!

~ pale green/beige pants and the micro fiber "nip" shirt (and a sweater... damp and cold out)
~ Classic rock playing in the new Sony ear beads that I'm wearing ...
~ shit day coming... actually, this will be hard week... essentially doing everything I can to make sure the axe doesn't fall on my team and failing that, well, that it doesn't fall on me. So I'm bouncing all over the place...
~ off to a client first thing today...
~ post office .... cause survivor gear is heading to gnome land.
~ what it's going to take... to find a way to stop the hurt.
~ where and what lakme is doing now... note to self, write a letter...

Um... I need postal addresses for Christmas cards... yea I know, it's freaking October, but Z is really good at things like this and she came to me the other day saying I needed to start sorting out Christmas Cards for Lj friends stuff because otherwise I will end up leaving it too long... :D

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