Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

howdy howdy howdy... look... I'm Woody.

So lets see... cam's on for a bit... it was a squatchi management night... can't let that go more than maybe 5 days without a goodly trim requirement.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day...
~ I couldn't get to that girls house today to work on her computer... (Kristy? it's the one that I bought that's just like yours so i haven't seen the "works" yet... I'll get to that in the morning though).
~ Have to move the clothes dryer tomorrow for some dryer vent un-plugging... Small laundry room... big job.
~ Groceries...
~ Geo has "my side of the family" birthday get together late tomorrow afternoon...

oh.... I bought new Sony (inexpensive) ear beads... little headphones without the head band... to go on that "give away" portable fm radio I got at the trade show... replacing the super cheepo ear beads that came with... wow... what a difference.

I'm getting back into this whole "purchase a home theater receiver and 5.1 speakers" again... This translates into a bunch of time spent in audio stores... (fun) and surfing Home Theater web sites... (more fun).

Any ways... look at the time I posted this? If it's within 10 minutes of that time... I'm proly not on the cam. but I'll be back ... I need to take off for a minute.

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