Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Too little sleep...
I added someone last night.. .petermarcus He doesn't know me from adam yet... but I really think I'm going to like this guy... and relax Bill... nobody will take your place (~grin).

~ the comfort get up...
~ on showering... this will make a huge dif...
~ gonna make pancakes for the boiz first...
~ to go to wally land... need pants for geo and ?
~ need a little something for a gnomish girl I know...
~ to go and set up a computer for this girl friend of Z's.
~ far more than I'm comfortable talking about... today.
~ I was warming up against the skin of someone naked, awake and biting my neck.
~ hmm? oh, yea ... guess I was still dreaming there...

Please note: The move "Sliding Doors" was the best dam movie I have seen in ages. I mean from a story, direction, acting point of view...

ps. George mumbles daddy! snuggle me! like it's a command in his sleep....

pps. summerspirit has the most phenomially beautiful hair you have ever seen.

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