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Morn'en Lj...

and now for something completely different.... :D

Actually, the usual friday fair is still there... yer just gonna hav'ta take my word for it today. It's dam cold today, so I'm going for the feeling and a little warmth! Big rush on the house exit today. Those are boxers... the band reads "bite me"...
~ a good attitude... :D
~ biteme boxers...
~ jeans and the long sleeve point-zero with the orange stripe...
~ to punch out a S3 update...
~ on going to a client site for some part of today...
~ to make appointments to be on client site Monday...
~ to continue disliking my boss with gusto.
~ on hooking up the corto-werk cam.
~ I could do something to make it ok... yea I know... mr. cryptic.
~ I wasn't reading a headline that says "JDS Reports huge loss, warns things may bet worse." Actually, my FA tells me I will - some day - be able to benefit from claiming the monster loss... the JDS funds were locked in retirement bucks.

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