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~ all denim'ed out for a day at the races...
~ blue jeans, company denim shirt with a gray t under...
~ to get to work and turn right around and take off to a client for the day...
~ to do the Survivor 3 thang tonight...
~ for good health and lots of lov'en in the house o'galebird
~ that things are going good for my cross-country-traveling pal kitykity
~ that, when i look out the window of this bus, I didn't see so much painful traffic that I just know i'm gonna be late... (not actually a good day to be late).

So quick note: aristophren and kristylicious.... I made a comment on the potential for interest rates to come back down or fall at all over the next month. Please let me remind you that I'm the guy with all the JDS Uniphase stock.... anything I say about the markets has definitely got to be taken with a grain of salt... unless I'm telling you to talk to an expert :D

I think I've nailed down a couple of central issues in my struggle to control my emotions... for sure - as is so totally obvious from some biatch events of the past, I get really steamed at peeps trashing without the courage to say it to a persons face. Add to that one more pretty clear issue, that being the way some people make assumptions.

By the same token, I think it's even harder to learn about sucking-it-up enough to be accepting of the idea that sometimes people act in the best interests of their friends and right or wrong... you gotta love that they have such good intentions.

Later Lj... long, crummy day coming up. I really think I need a new job. I'm thinking, being the guy that counts "objectionable phrases" in movies for those rental box covers would be good.

Have I mentioned how cool the queen of the tech dungeon is lately? (and baybeee.... does she has drop-dead-sexy ankles or what?)

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