Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hiya lj...

So listen... Just in case anybody actually notices... and apparently somebody already did...

I had to delete all my friends filters... I don't filter much but some things get filtered for directed content or notes to individuals... etc. So a post that was filtered with anything other than "friends only" or "private" will now be unviewable to people that used to be able to see it... sorry if this creates some confusion.

it's a big poop... and I'm sorry about that. but the filters seemed to loose integrity and to protect the (cough) innnocent (/cough) I had to clear the decks.

If you have a linked memory or something like that that no longer works for ya... You can copy the URL line to me and I can fix specific posts... Again, I'm sorry if this is a big drag for anyone... just trying to maintain integrity on some private issues.


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