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Hola Journal Land...

quick note: ly is smok'en... no not cigs... but she is killa fox and basically da bomb. Thanks sugar.

Dam but I didn't find my way to starbucks today!!!! gotta get my fix...

Life is moving along... and it freak'en sucks hard ass... but that's work. Somehow that stuff will work itself out. Here, there? who knows... The dif part is working with a big sharp axe hanging overhead...

I'mma going out to dinner tonight ... I get to stay downtown. Z's gonna meet me here and we're going to use up these "enjoy a dinner for two" coupons I got from a Golf Tourni last summer. Kids are being sat upon by their Anya.. (hungarian version of Nana :D) but the clock is tick tick ticking... Corto needs to be home in time to set up the vcr action to tape both West Wing and Enterprise...

Hey, I saw the movie... "Someone like you" last night... on the back of the DVD case they list stuff like "objectionable phrases" , "Sex/Nudity" and "Violence". If the movie doesn't have a high objectionable phrase count... OR at least 6 lines of text beside either of the other two categories... the chances are you cry during the movie at some point - Well, the chances are the I will cry at some point... I cry at all weddings, births and those movie moments when two people find their hearts. So, yes.. Hugh Jackman is all that and a bag of chips for the girls... and Ashley Judd does this cute cheerleader thing wearing a wee pair of panties and a tanktop (Miss Judd and furry leather straps....) but as for distracting the emotionally devastated human? Not an ideal movie for that... :D

Do you like the icon? I won't use it much ... but I do love that look... Makes me think of that Cake song "Short Skirt and a Looooong Jacket" ... specifically the line "Nails that shine like Justice" (bring it on!). It was made (the icon) by my friend kelliegrrl and she totally rawks. However, being as she's liv'en down under (australia) she's prol'y asleep right this second. shhhh don't wake her. :D

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