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mornin lj...

Ok... new leaf day... that's actually the english translation for the Ojibwas indian word wednesday... ok, no it isn't, I'm making that up... but it sounds good doesn't it? I got allanis morrisette screaming about how I "outta know", a burning hot cup of really good coffee and I'm actually going to get to work (such as it is) earlier than usual. I'm going to use today to travel from hell back to a seriously good place... if the company I work is too fucking stupid to weather a slump, let alone handle layoffs with class, then they can collectively bite me. :D

~ dk blue cotton cargos... the quiet type.
~ serious turtle neck (no mock action here)
~ dem big ass shoes....
~ um, yea, gray boxers, white sox but dude? I'm just noticing three days and three dif pairs of shoes... it was really not that long ago when I'd wear the same shoes every single day of my life... hmmm...
~ to go to client "a" for a 9:30 kick off - we're going to (dig this) start working for free for a client that is expected to contract us for a 30 day gig but cannot get the contract together for three weeks... so the vp of sales is digging this "risk" as an aversion to layoff action... problem: I have to convince the client to dig this and I have an hour to do that...
~ off to another client for total pre-sales action at 2:30 ...
~ avoid talking to my boss... who only seems to show up when he wants me to lay someone off... yea... I know.
~ to keep checking out the tech dungeon web cam... where the coolest geek date I know can be seen carrying signs. (:D)
~ I had a new pair of ear beads... good ones... note to self... go out and get those.
~ been dropped by a few lately... (le sigh) so I'm wishing well to you guys and I hope things work out for ya.
~ wishing I had time to be all mr. responsive to my pals, but saving a job, a team, a marriage, myself... well, it just takes up a big-m-f'n amount of time... if you're likely to drop me cause I don't comment in your journal very often... would ya drop me now and get it over with. I love you guys and usually get my best chance to read you after printing out the whole day of friends posts and reading them on the bus. um... hard to respond from he bus.

ps. saw a commercial for the new cranberries (sp?) album... Deloris rocks my sox... I'll own that one asap... oh, and I think I heard a new track from the concrete blonde album on CKCU (Carleton university radio station) yesterday... :D

pps. "whole lotta love" (zep) just came on the ear beads baybeee.... public transit, zepplin and coffee... go me!

later smoochers...
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