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mornin lj...

Eak! I woke up at 7:45... caught a bus at 8:08. The reset of the clock after the power failure yesterday must have included a mix up between am and pm... no alarm today... This (the picture) is me being all stressed about getting the hell out of the house… moments later I will be running up the street trying not to spill my car-cup of coffee…

I am such a prize... my freak nose will not stop running... I'm burning through kleenex and sneezing away... yum.

~ a strangely comfortable sensation across my shoulders... but more on that later.
~ rockports, black sox w/ lil'white diamonds...
~ black boxers... the snug type.
~ grey w/ a hint of blue dress pants, and the p-z shirt - the new one...
~ little ear plugs from this wee cheepo radio... still working. I like life set to music. I totally get why so many people wander through it with headphones on... (jimmi: "there are many here among us… who feel that life is but a joke…")
~ a grey sky... want's to rain... it's 4 degrees out there...brrr (celsius) there are balloons (the ride'em sort) across one horizon.
~ that I'm killer behind in my work ... at work... :D time to knuckle under.
~ that I will never get tired of seeing women in glasses... I love glasses...
~ I'm really gonna have to shave this thing off... I've been growing this little tuft of hair under my bottom lip... not on my chin... right under the lip.

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